Alter Ego : Ymy Sfumato

Ymy Sfumato has been around for several years, or 40, though only acquired a name in the twenty-teens. They are a clown, punk troll. Or a punk troll clown. Ymy likes to share their opinions about relationships and boundaries, subjects they know little to nothing about. At least not officially.

Request: If you have unwanted makeup taking up space in the back of a drawer ("lady" make up, not clown make up) please send it to Ymy. They always need more make up. You ask, why can't Ymy buy their own makeup? Only imagine—as a troll, it's hard for them to find a job. Also, they are very busy making diagrams no one understands. Very busy. When they do make some money, they like to pay the rent and buy food.

Ymy Sfumato performing Selves + Boundaries, Lake Merritt BART Plaza, in Channeling (organized + curated by Johnna Arnold & Emma Spertus, via Oakland Museum). 2018

Ymy the Troll comix panels. (See Documents page for more.)

Ymy the Troll, just hanging around.