Use It All Up : underwear, etc.

Part of the ethos of Use It All Up — to make everything I needed. This included underwear. I had an over-abundance of fabrics [1], both from my previous incarnation as a recklessly spendy installation artist and from old clothes with good bits left on them.

Making underwear, from sewing patterns I freely derived from things I had already [2] turned out to be incredibly fun. For one thing, I hung my studio walls with panties, which provoked visitors (well, female presenting people were delighted or amused, CIS-male types tended to get shifty or decide to hit on me). What's an artwork anyway? When I moved on to other projects, there were perhaps 30 pairs of knickers, half a dozen bras and camisoles, and a couple gowns [3].

(I also made masks, a dress, and some jackets.)

Everything I sewed, I accounted for its origins, in the way that quilters can tell story about every scrap they piece.

[1] The pdf catalog of fabric "waste" is on the documents page.

[2] I love that any given garment is a template for its reproduction

[3] Gowns (photos by Lia Roozendaal)