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THE LAB (SF's coolest non-profit arts space IMO) is having a DANCE-A-THON!!

Help us raise $ for both survival + thriving!

Pledge ANY amount! YES, you are the best! Click on the button to go the the Pledge page now! 




Join the party!!!

Sat. Apr 10  7:30 pm — Sun. Apr  1, 7:30 am.

Energy Being will be dancing wildly throughout, sometimes as pure energy and sometimes visible in bodily form. Hit me up with any questions about their schedule, or any other uncertainties.


Public talk.


Decision Fields and Embodied Algorithms

LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) via Zoom.

Public talk.


What's behind Embodied Algorithms? If you missed the live public talk, see it on the Arts + Design YouTube channel, below.

(Do check out the Arts + Design events, because there's something amazing coming up.)



Weekdays  around 2-4pm PST

Testing​ public actions. Experimental stage.


Tuesday, Thursday @logoremoval

Wednesday  VARIES

Friday @dymaterializations

@logoremoval Logo Removal Service assumes the guise of a superhero! With an identity-hiding mask (the kind that goes over the eyes, won't keep viruses at bay) and more. Plus, attitude. In past episodes, @logoremoval has featured live mending. (esp. salvage / excessively mend a pair of trousers whose small % of polyester fiber is responsible for the fabric failing at every seam) 

@dymaterializations is a forum for several alter egos, especially energy being and Ed Mirago

@dymline appears infrequently as this project is on a long slog of a shift from product business to systems offering. Yeah, I'm guessing that doesn't make sense, but I'm working on it.


Please get in touch for more information, or with talk opportunities!

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