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Speculative: installations 1997-2001

Installations created around fictional maps. Concerted use of digital drawing software and inkjet printing, and often including screen- and digitally printed textiles, fluorescent lighting, and furniture fabricated for the particular installation.

A Brief Message About Containment, Brooklyn Museum, 2001

Those hanging globes that look like lights? They're pillows.

It was really hard to get the inside maps digitally printed on cloth in 2001. The outside print was screen printed in San Francsico.

Don't Forget to Ask For Directions, POST, Los Angeles 1999

I followed this installation with a limited edition book with all the component parts and how to assemble them. The continents page, below, is part of that.

Always In a Hurry, Never Gets Lost, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, 1998

The planning drawing, above. The real thing, below.

2 Standard Stops, (working) elevator installation, POST, Los Angeles, 1998

A New Game, POST Los Angeles, 1997

Images of the what I printed to make the installation. West wall.

Above, west wall. Below, south wall. Includes strips that went along floor.

East wall.


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