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Speculative : signs + billboards 2009-2011

Whatever words were loudest, I put them on a billboard. Part of Use It All Up.

Transforming (non-recyclable) laminated digital prints and waste carpet into billboard-sized paintings and instructive signs. The list-like words describe materials, action or instruction, emotional states or a slippery combination of all three. A particular focus on four letter words that are each (at least) a noun and a verb became a series in both paint and cut carpet lettering.

Painted with 1-shot sign paint on plastic-laminated digital prints. The prints (from installation projects, 1996-1999) when removed from my archive, became waste and therefore material to be used up.

Three layers of words.

Rolling billboard on chair bases + tubing.

Faked billboard.

Installation at PØST-LA. Old carpet left in my house by previous occupant. Hand cut.

Underwear part of Use It All Up series. Sadly, I only have this low resolution image.


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