Decision Fields : paintings + textiles

The visual by-products of a system that shows decisions, whether conscious or unconcious, intentional or accidental.

A painting. A functional textile. A record of patterns forming and bumping into other patterns, the result of myriad decisions—and changing intentions—on the part of the "agent" who printed it.

Each image below is an example of the combination of one or more people (me collaborating with Hannah and River) using analog Decision Field tools (wooden stamps, thickened dye, and linen) to investigate a range of pattern-generating prompts. These objects allowed me to play out a range of pattern-not-pattern scenarios. These are paintings and they are textiles. What the cloth is for—to be itself, or to serve a function—and how the "marks" add up to something beyond, yet inclusive of, pattern determine which. Sometimes a length of cloth is both, sometimes either-or.

Creating a painting-object on usable cloth has advantages—it can be draped, folded, sewn into loops, hung on a trapeze in mid-air (instead of against a wall), layered, and, when no longer needed as "painting," turned into clothes or rags.

This is a small selection. More on @dymline on Instagram.

Inconvenient waterfall, provisional installation.

A banner for no particular place.

Forest canter, Bolinas.

Enmesh variations

Testing, testy.

Tilt canter with vector cloud.

Long tail basket weave, personified.